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Audiens analyses your customer data to suggest ideas for marketing campaigns that convert. Zero-effort data science!

Brands trust Audiens with their data

Audiens integrates with your favourite marketing channels

Audiens tells you which SKUs to promote based on a customer's previous purchases. The app uses data science to uncover profitable patterns in customer behaviour, so you know which combination of products to promote via email and ads.

Audiens automatically groups your customers into precise and useful segments.  Target customers with a high degree of accuracy and build hyper-accurate lookalike audiences to improve the efficiency of your paid media campaigns.

Reduce your customer acquisition costs with data-driven segmentation

Discover the best time and day of the week to run your campaigns

Audiens finds the optimal time and day to target your customers with marketing campaigns by analysing their historic behaviour. Use this data to catch different customer cohorts at the ideal moment with email campaigns that have a higher likelihood of converting into sales.

Improve your LTV by identifying customers who are likely to lapse

Audiens shows you which customers you can't afford to lose and suggests campaign ideas to drive repeat orders. By taking action before it's too late, you can increase the lifetime value of your hard-won customers and retain more of them.

Discover your best cross-sell opportunities to increase orders

We reveal fascinating insights in your Shopify data and deliver easy-to-implement recommendations to

Get ideas for new marketing campaigns in 4 simple steps:

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We reveal fascinating insights in your Shopify data and deliver easy-to-implement recommendations to