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with Audiens

Your sales targets won't wait.
Let's get you results, fast.


2 mins

Install the Audiens app and we'll start crunching your data. 
Then, book a time with our data coach (optional).


Receive your first actionable insight; a prioritised 'quick win' to get you started:

Days 3 to 14

Get a new insight every other day. 
Depending on your data, this could be:

   Your best landing pages and first purchase product combos

   Who to re-engage and how to target them

   How to find more of your best customers

Audiens has unearthed hidden insights that I can't wait to start implementing



Get my first 7 insights

2 min Shopify app install

176 examples of brilliant marketing emails that convert

Case study


increase in revenue from marketing emails

Pasta Evangelists used data insights to grow their Shopify store sales.

Read how

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Why Audiens is different

Ugh, not another marketing tool...

It seems like every marketing tool promises to collate your data so you can see what's going on. Yeah, that's great, but there's a problem. 

You don't have time to sift through looking for trends, anomalies and untapped opportunities.

Audiens only shows you what's most fascinating.
You're not left to work out what the data is saying. We do that for you. 

Discover the easiest and most impactful steps you can take to grow your Shopify sales, using our hard-won data science expertise.

You get a to-do list of what you should focus on,
along with a list of people to target and what they're likely receptive to.

It's time to see how easy data science-led marketing can be.

Get my first 7 insights

2 min Shopify app install






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 24 welcome emails to grow customer loyalty

 19 upsell emails to increase revenue... and dozens more!

Get fresh inspiration from brands like Harry's, Allbirds, 23&Me, Glossier, Warby Parker, HelloFresh, Dollar Shave Club.

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After my free trial

When you join Audiens, we'll continue to reveal valuable insights with recommended actions that are easy to implement. 

Over time, Audiens creates a 'no effort' marketing strategy that's backed by data science, and designed to turn you into a marketing super hero!



Minimal effort from you, but maximum impact

Full details of who to target, how, with what and when



Long hiring process.
Costs £35k per year min.
Only available 9-5 weekdays.

No effort required.

The situation will only get worse and your boss will shout at you.

Do nothing

Hire a marketing intern

Low cost hire that can work on lots of different projects.

Lacks the skills needed to make a significant impact.

Hire a data analyst 

My options

Gives you useful insights into your marketing data.

Cobble together the software you already use 

Keep all your existing tools.
Nothing new to learn.

Rarely works like you imagined and needs constant maintenance.

Use Audiens

Gives you quick wins for growth & tells you exactly what to do. Only £100 p/m.

Only available for Shopify stores. Doesn't write your email or ads for you (yet).

Spend more money on marketing and ads

Takes 5 minutes.
No effort required.

Only works if your marketing is already perfect (unlikely).

Hire a marketing agency

Brings experience to the table. No increase in headcount.

Tough to find the right one.
Most expensive option.
Slow to generate results.

Not sure how to get more sales on Shopify?


Get my first 7 insights

2 min Shopify app install

Facebook ads too expensive? 
It's time to grow email revenue

Use insights from Audiens to squeeze more orders from your Klaviyo emails, with personalised recommendations.

Get my first 7 insights

2 min Shopify app install

2:32 min video

⠀⠀⠀‎‎‎‎How Audiens works

I already use analytics software

You’re missing out! 
We give you optimisations you won't find in Google Analytics, Klaviyo, or Shopify.

Sounds good, but is Audiens right for me?

I don't have time to do data analytics

We do the analysis for you. Audiens shows you the "quick wins" that improve your email and ad campaigns.

I use an agency for my marketing

Lots of people use Audiens alongside their agency partner, working together to test recommendations from the app.

I need integrations

Our Shopify app integrates with Klaviyo and Facebook Ads manager. You can also export CSVs to upload to other platforms.

I'm worried it might slow down my site

Good news! The app doesn't make any changes to your code or add new cookies. Your developers will be happy.

I'm concerned about GDPR

No need to worry. We strictly follow the ICO's guidance on data processing and maintain your opt-in procedures.


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