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Win back dormant customers

Identify customers who are falling out of love with you. Take steps to retain them.

Stop customers from lapsing

See which customers are likely to place another order. Nudge them into action.

Get more repeat purchases

Find the perfect product to win back customers who haven't ordered in the last 18 months.

Discover your most profitable channels

See which channels are really driving sales. Cut out wasted ad spend to reduce CAC.

Get hyper-accurate custom audiences

Segment your database to run high-converting ad campaigns with tailored messaging.

Build highly-targeted lookalikes

Use data science to build seed audiences in Google & Facebook, based on your perfect customer.

Find the perfect cross-sell

Use data science to discover hidden cross sell opportunities to increase basket size.

See new opportunities to upsell

Target the right customers with bigger ticket products that generate more revenue.

Get ideas for product bundles

Uncover hidden patterns in your data to find complimentary SKUs that can be bundled.

Improve your targeting

Tailor your email & ad campaigns based on customer behaviour to show relevant messages.

Flawless customer segmentation

Segment your campaigns to show your customers the right message, at the right time.

Stop marketing to people who won't buy

Use data science to see which customers have the greatest potential to convert into sales.

Try it free for 14 days →

52% increase in revenue from marketing emails

See how Pasta Evangelists used data insights to grow their Shopify store sales

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"Audiens has unearthed the hidden insights that I can't wait to start implementing"

Audiens is like having an extra team member who suggests brilliant ideas (but you get to take all the credit)