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10 segments you'll find in every high-performing Klaviyo account

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increase in revenue from marketing emails

Pasta Evangelists used data insights to grow their Shopify store sales.

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Free cheat sheet

 See how top brands structure their email campaigns

 Step-by-step instructions to create segments in Klaviyo

 Dozens of proven campaign ideas to send to each segment

Use this cheat sheet to segment your email list and improve your email conversion rate (with real life examples)

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I already use analytics software

You’re missing out! 
We give you optimizations you won't find in Google Analytics, Klaviyo, or Shopify.

Sounds good, but is Audiens right for me?

I don't have time to do data analytics

We do the analysis for you. Audiens shows you the "quick wins" that improve your email campaigns.

I use an agency for my marketing

Lots of people use Audiens alongside their agency partner, working together to test recommendations from the app.

I need integrations

Our Shopify app integrates with Klaviyo. You can also export CSVs of contacts to upload to other email tools, Facebook, or Google.

I'm worried it might slow down my site

Good news! The app doesn't make any changes to your code or add new cookies. Your developers will be happy.

I'm concerned about sharing customer data

We strictly follow the ICO's guidance on data processing and maintain your opt-in procedures only. Still not sure? 

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 email AOV by: 

Identifying VIP customers

Optimizing email send times

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Try it free for 14 days on ShopifyTry it free for 14 days on Shopify


Finding perfect cross-sells

Optimizing email send times

 email revenue by: 


Identifying loyal customers

Finding perfect cross-sells

 purchase frequency by: 

Still not convinced? See Audiens in action:

Audiens is like my virtual assistant for Klaviyo 
For $100 a month it tells me exactly who to target and saves me a ton of time creating campaigns.


Target customers who are likely to become big spenders

Cut the time you spend on email marketing in half.

Audiens shows you which customers are likely to become VIPs, so you know which contacts to nurture and prioritize.

Increase repeat purchases

See which customers to nurture

Audiens has unearthed hidden insights that I can't wait to start implementing


Still not sure how to improve your Klaviyo sales? 

Here's your options:



See above.

No effort required.

The situation will only get worse and your boss will shout at you.

Do nothing

Hire an email exec

Your dedicated email resource.

How will they know which products to cross sell? What time to send emails? Which campaigns will generate most revenue?

Use Klaviyo's segments

Your options

Cheap and uses software you already have.

Hire a Klaviyo agency

Brings experience to the table. No increase in headcount.

Tough to find the right one.
Can be an expensive option.

Use Audiens

Gives you quick wins for growth & tells you exactly what to do. Only $100 p/m.

Only available for stores using Shopify and Klaviyo (for now).

Send mass email blasts to all your customers

You'll get a few sales.
Fast to do.

Irrelevant to the majority of your customers. Won't significantly grow your sales.

Get more sales from your Klaviyo emails

Try it free for 14 days on Shopify

Built for

2 min video

2 min Shopify app install

Built for Shopify stores with 500+ orders who want to grow faster 

Create hyper-targeted email campaigns in minutes.

See your top cross-sells, profitable segments,
best conversion times, and much more.

Plus, GPT AI writes the first draft of your email!

Create hyper-targeted email campaigns in minutes.

See your top cross-sells, profitable segments, best conversion times and much more. Plus, GPT AI writes the first draft of your email!

How you'll use Audiens to increase sales from Klaviyo

Install & connect

Add the Audiens app to your Shopify store, and connect your Klaviyo account.


Send emails that convert

Transfer your draft campaigns to Klaviyo in just one click. Make final tweaks. Hit send. 


Algorithms go to work

The app uses data science to find hidden patterns in your customers' behavior.


Get campaign ideas

See which subscribers to target, products to feature, and suggested email copy.


Spend less time in Klaviyo by focusing on what works
Here's how Audiens helps:

Spend less time in Klaviyo by focusing on what works

Here's how Audiens helps:

Find the perfect cross-sell products for each customer

Stop guessing what to include in your marketing emails.

Audiens predicts which product your customer is going to buy next, so you can send highly-targeted emails that convert.

Increase repeat purchases

See your cross-sell opportunities

AI writes the first draft of your email (GPT)

Get multiple options for high-converting email copy and subject lines, based on your products.

Pick your favorites and drop them into an existing email template in Klaviyo.

Increase repeat purchases

Hello Spring, goodbye boring outfits! 

We've been hard at work creating a collection that will have you looking and feeling your best - no matter what adventure you're embarking on.

Whether you're planning a day hike, a weekend camping trip, or just want to look great while running errands around town, we've got you covered.

Get bespoke email copy in 1 click

Send the right message, at the right time

Still guessing the best time and day to send your email campaigns?

Audiens shows you precisely how to optimize each email so that it reaches the inbox at just the right moment.

Increase repeat purchases

Increase your open rates

Relying on your newsletter to drive sales? Think again...

Targeted email campaigns have 3X higher revenue than bulk emails, according to a study of 2.5bn emails by Klaviyo.

Klaviyo advise against sending the same email to all your contacts. It harms email deliverability over time.

Bulk emails quickly become ineffective. Our data shows a series of targeted campaigns can generate up to 10X more revenue.