You, but with super powers

We firmly believe that the tools that you use should give you super powers. 

You shouldn't have to sift through data trying to work out what it's showing. But our data scientist-backed AI can crunch data all day long, finding the insights that will help you and your business grow. 

Let's unleash your marketing super powers together.

Our team, here to support you

Our vision

Dave Wilby

Chris Purnell 
Data Analyst

Shekhar Ramesh
Data Analyst

Stephen Finch
Product Manager

Carmelo Salamone
Senior Software Developer

Nicola Devito
Senior Full Stack Developer

Antonio Cappiello
Software Engineer

Backed by a first-class investment team

Audiens has the trust and support of two big players in the data science domain.

Their backing means you can rely on Audiens being financially stable and running operations at a high level of professionalism.






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