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Backed by a first-class investment team

Audiens has the trust and support of two big players in the data science domain.

Their backing means you can rely on Audiens being financially stable and running operations at a high level of professionalism.

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Nikki Clark

Customer Success Manager

Carmelo Salamone

Head of Engineering

Chris Purnell

Data Analyst 

Stephen Finch

Product Manager

Marc Edees

UX Designer

Nicola Devito

Senior Frontend Developer

Piers Osborne

Software Developer

Tim Klue

Data Engineer

Shekhar Ramesh

Junior Engineer

Antonio Cappiello

Software Engineer

Greg Douglas

Backend Developer

Alex Quaye

Head of Marketing

Rob Wagstaff

Content Lead

Ash Alam

Head of Finance

Lydia Deakin

Financial Accountant

Dave Wilby


Ray Anderson

Executive Chair, Bango

Jin Soo Lee

Director (NewDeep), CEO (NHN DATA)






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Together, let's make your email campaigns exceptional

We understand that analyzing your email performance (and knowing what to do next) can be overwhelming. 

Our AI technology, backed by a team of experts, gives you a clear roadmap for success.

We designed our app to seamlessly integrate with Klaviyo and Shopify, providing you with a user-friendly solution to discover your next brilliant marketing campaign.

Dave Wilby