Netcomm commerce partners gain valuable insights with Audiens.

MILAN 7 March 2019 – Netcomm, the Digital Commerce Consortium is the reference point for e-commerce and digital retail in Italy and beyond. Netcomm, which brings together a consortium of nearly 400 companies, made up of international brands and smaller local enterprises, has partnered with Audiens, a leading Customer Data Platform company, to optimize and grow the use of their the Quality and Compliance Seal. Audiens enables the seal to be intelligently connected to the merchants portal thanks to unique JavaScript code,

Consumers clicking on the seal logo, see the merchant’s profile page from the Netcomm website and can buy with confidence. In addition, using new features of the Seal integrated by Audiens, the merchant gains a clear overview of events associated with the use of their e-commerce site and can access analysis that, in accordance with GDPR, allows them to optimize their digital advertising campaigns.

Members and sites that display the Netcomm seal gain limited free access to the Audiens Customer Data Platform as part of the Netcomm agreement.

“We are delighted to partner with Netcomm to support the use of their unique industry seal. The project, in partnership with the Consortium, aims to generate awareness of the dynamics that regulate the world of e-commerce through the analysis of big data, and to help associates grow their business through better management of their customers and their data” , says Marko Maras, founder of Audiens.