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A new partnership between Audiens and Tamoco will help advertisers target consumers more effectively through precise location-based services.

The partnership allows advertisers to reduce campaign wastage and target consumers effectively by using more precise location-based audiences.

Tamoco, the world’s largest proximity network, has today announced a new partnership with Audiens, an audience creation tool that inspires marketing teams to easily turn their data into campaigns that engage their customers.  

The new partnership allows advertisers to gain more precise insight into their audience members through their existing ad-serving solutions and Tamoco’s location segments will become instantly available in leading marketplaces.

Through the partnership with Audiens, Tamoco’s location segments will be instantly available in platforms such as DoubleClick, AppNexus and Adform. It also makes it easier for advertisers to access Tamoco’s location data through platforms such as The Trade Desk, Adobe and Facebook.

Our clients demand the very best in location data and the partnership with Tamoco ensures we can deliver accurate, relevant and scalable location segments,” said Marko Maras, CEO of Audiens. “It adds another premium partner to our data marketplace, enabling our customer data platform to reach new global markets”.

Tamoco has one billion proximity sensors worldwide, collecting data on more than 100 million devices, with more than four million MAUs in the UK. Their solution enables businesses to build better products, understand audiences and make better business decisions by using powerful mobile device data. Tamoco has previously worked on projects with leading global brands including Uber, Heineken and The Coca-Cola Company.

This partnership represents is an opportunity for brands to understand their target audience’s habits and movements with greater accuracy than ever before,” said Sam Amrani , Founder and executive chairman of Tamoco. We’re thrilled to be working with Audiens and we’re passionate about the difference that this partnership will bring to the industry and to our clients.”

Amrani added that the move will allow savvy brands and agencies to more accurately fine-tune their campaigns based on how consumers behave in the offline world.

“This creates more specific and customizable segments which can be used to further personalize advertising,” said Amrani.

The Audiens customer data platform (CDP) unifies complex data across websites, apps, in stores, CMSs, CRMs and other data sources. It enables marketers to get more out of their CDP tool and build meaningful audience segments with easily-understandable insights, specific to the marketing needs of a business and brand. Audiens gives marketing teams the power to segment data with just one click.

About Tamoco:

Tamoco is making powerful location data accessible for all. Its global network provides businesses, organizations, brands, developers access to the leading source of precise, real-time location data. Tamoco is enabling businesses to build better products, understand audiences and make better business decisions by using powerful mobile device data.

About Audiens:

Audiens is an audience creation tool. We give marketing teams the ability to segment their data with one click. We transform your marketing campaigns by bringing together all your customer data into one single customer view. Personalise your data on your terms, get more out of your customer data and cut the waste from your advertising spend. Audience management. It’s not that complicated. For more information on how to do more with your data, go to