Introducing, your one… and only…

Customer TADA platform


Transforming prospects into big spenders and VIPs…that’s TA-DA!

Growing your business is all about maximum VIPs – building up and holding onto the big spenders who keep on coming back.

Audiens zooms in on your most important customer groups and delivers the actions required to nudge them on to greatness.

The end result is more great customers in, the best engagement and spend, and no losses (apart from those troublemakers – you know who you are).

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Finding the magic in
your customer data…
that’s TA-DA!

How can I grow sales? What makes people buy? What do customers want?

Don’t bother visiting a fortune teller – you already have the answers questions like these (and many more besides) right there in your customer data. Audiens cuts through the chatter to find the valuable insights hiding inside your existing data.

We’ll show you what your best customers look like and how acquire more just like them – without needing a crystal ball.

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Rapid revenue growth…
that’s TA-DA!

Imagine discovering the secret to increasing revenue while reducing effort (and ad spend). Now that really would be magic!

While personalized marketing is the name of the game, our end goal is to grow your business by making 20% effort deliver 80% gain.

We are all about identifying your biggest customer opportunities or challenges, along with the best actions to unlock fast, sustainable growth.


Data insights without IT involvement…
that’s TA-DA!

Wouldn’t it be great to unlock the power in your data without having to mess with the dark arts of IT?

Because our platform is built for marketers, not data scientists, we make your customer data work for you, with no IT expertise required. Our Data Auto-Capture technology automatically connects all your data sources and ensures everything is captured perfectly.

It removes the awkward manual steps, ensuring maximum data quality without the need to involve your IT team – or become a tech wizard yourself.

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Conjure multiple campaigns faster than ever… that’s TA-DA!

Like the early bird catching its worm, speed and agility are vital to success.

Audiens is not only quick to implement. Simple, measurable control of everything in one place means you can enjoy lightning fast campaign deployment too.

With one-click segmentation and instant integration with leading programmatic ad networks, social networks, email, SMS, and other comms channels, you can quickly capitalise on the opportunities we identify.

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More magic from your current marketing spend…
that’s TA-DA!

Audiens supercharges your marketing efficiency, creating campaigns that deliver measurable results and making wasted ad spend disappear.

By serving relevant, targeted ads and communications to suspects, prospects and customers, not only do you get better engagement and success, but you can achieve that magic without increasing your marketing budget.

In fact, better results can even be achieved with a lower spend than before.

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Complex marketing solved

Who searched in-app but purchased online? Who are my big spenders, and how do I acquire more like them? The answers to these, and other big questions are hidden deep inside your complex marketing systems. But they don’t have to be.