Identify your customers wherever they come from

Create an omnichannel customer view

Our flexible identity matching brings together customer identities across multiple touch points and devices, including online and offline data. This enables you to utilize first-party data, from CRM systems, points of sale and other databases for online marketing campaigns.

It also ensures you fully understand each customer, helping you deliver relevant and effective communications.

Leverage third-party data

Want to understand your customers even more? Select from a wide range of third-party Audiens data providers ready to help enrich your understanding of each customer. Leverage insights you are unable to capture and gain valuable customer insights that will improve your business.

Connect datasets using different identifiers

Continuous, real-time data onboarding and identity resolution ensures your person remains completely up-to-date as new data enters or leaves the system. Empowered with the most up-to-date unified view of each customer, you can monetize more site visitors, power 1:1 site personalization and develop more accurate ad targeting.