This leading global bank, with a strong European base, stands out and differentiates through continuous improvements to their customer experience. Audiens Customer Data Platform helped them make significant improvements in customer growth and marketing efficiencies.

The challenge:

The bank wanted to increase the number of customers requesting, and being approved for, new personal loans. But it was important to not significantly increase their advertising spend to achieve this. They needed a new, more intelligent way to focus and deliver a better marketing experience to their customers.

The approach:

Audiens identified three customer audiences and helped the bank apply a new marketing approach to each, initially focusing on the Google 360 Display and Video advertising channel:

  1. Clear and targeted offers were communicated to customers who had shown interest in a personal loan but not completed the sign-up process.
  2. Existing customers who owned complementary products were sent relevant offers for personal loans.
  3. Customers who already had a personal loan were removed from all future marketing campaigns for personal loans, improving their experience and removing unnecessary marketing costs.

The results:

Key Stats:

+570% conversion rate

increase in successful loan product sign-up

-50% CPA

Reduction in customer marketing costs

The bank saw significant growth in personal loans from customers who had initially failed to complete their original application and from existing customers who had related or complementary products.

Personal loan sign-up rates grew by over 570%, from an average of below 1% to over 4%. The cost to acquire a new personal loan customer more than halved, reducing the CPA from over $250 to less than $120.

Next steps:

The bank plans to apply similar methodologies to other products and services with plans to further sub-divide audiences and deliver increasingly relevant communications that drive engagement and sales.

“It is crucial to be transparent and attentive to customers. A CDP like Audiens enables more effective and personalized customer communications, while retaining control over all data.”

Audiens identifies and segments your important customer audiences, enabling you to communicate and advertise with greater relevance across all the leading marketing, social and programmatic advertising channels. Audiens is for brands and businesses of all sizes. From major international banking and financial institutions with online and high street locations to online-only fintech brands, you can use Audiens to drive business growth, enhance customer experience, and optimize your marketing spend.