This large European retailer favors a customer-first approach that consistently delivers high levels of customer growth and retention. It adopted Audiens to push this even further. We needed to accelerate new customer growth and increase sales to their existing customers.

The challenge:

The classic marketer’s dilemma: selling more without increasing monthly marketing spend.

The approach:

To increase sales without increasing marketing spend, this retailer needed to improve the effectiveness of its campaigns. They needed more high-spend customers that would keep coming back. After all, it’s cheaper to gain repeat customers than new ones.

Using Audiens to analyze interactions across the ecommerce platform, website, and mobile app, the retailer identified two customer segments:

1: VIP Customers: these are high-spending, loyal customers.

2: Active Customers: everyone else already buying and engaging.

With this data, the retailer created a marketing campaign prioritizing high-value customers: prospects just like their VIP segment.

Using Audiens for social media marketing, the retailer created a ‘lookalike’ audience based on known VIP customers. These ‘lookalikes’ were then targeted by Facebook advertising. To avoid duplicating marketing efforts and spend, the ‘active customer’ group was excluded. This meant that only preferred prospects were served with Facebook ads.

The results:

Key Stats:

+ 5x Conversion rate

Increase in spending customers

+ 30% ROAS

Improvement in return on advertising spend

● Campaign delivered more high-spend prospects and an increase in sales

● Return on advertising spend grew by 30%

● Marketing conversion rate increased over five times: from 0.2% to 1.1%

Next steps:

This retailer plans to go even deeper with data analytics to deliver more focused campaigns with Audiens.

By segmenting their VIP category, this retailer will be able to identify prospects most likely to buy certain products. They also plan to add more data from their physical store POS system, loyalty program, and aftercare services. This additional customer data will allow Audiens to optimize marketing efforts further, based on known customer behaviors.

“Start with the people who already love you – your regular and loyal customers. Understand your existing VIP customers and find more that look the same. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way for retailers to grow quickly.”

Audiens identifies your most important customer audiences, enabling you to communicate and advertise with greater relevance across all of the leading marketing, social and programmatic channels. Audiens is for businesses of all sizes — whether you are a large brand with online and physical stores, or an independent retailer using tools like Shopify. Audiens makes it easy to drive business growth, enhance your customer experience, and optimize your marketing spend.