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How to increase first-time buyers  

Learn the secret tips and tricks to perfecting your product page that’ll convert way more first-time buyers.  

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Know your potential buyers  

Learn about why first-time buyers matter, what they search for and how that should affect your product pages.  

Craft the perfect product story  

Learn how to rewrite your product description to boost sales, with an example that raised conversions over 38%.  

Get practical examples  

See more than 10 real-world examples of product pages, all fully annotated, pointing out what’s perfect and what would need work.  

About the author

For the last 13 years, Rishi Rawat has been studying and experimenting with conversion optimization (CRO) to understand the minds of shoppers. 

Frictionless Commerce (Rishi’s company) specializes in helping Shopify sites improve product page conversions by 20% in 90 days. They A/B test to prove their ideas make you more money.