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Get practical advice to grow your repeat purchases

Must-have Segments and Flows for retention

Learn to build a rock solid retention strategy that grows customer lifetime value

SMS and Push tactics to grow retention

Learn how to combine SMS with your email campaigns for outsized retention wins



Learn how to re-engage inactive customers and reduce churn, with examples

How to create win-back emails that convert

Learn which Klaviyo integrations can measurably increase customer retention over time

Third-party apps you need to try


Learn how product reviews, surveys, and customer interviews can fuel your retention efforts

Mining for retention insights

Learn an overlooked strategy that brings high value customers back to your site

Transactional emails: your secret weapon



Learn how to sequeeze 10% more revenue from every email campaign

Advanced segmentation for retention campaigns

...and much more!


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Learn retention tactics from certified Klaviyo experts

Adam Pearce
Blend Commerce
Klaviyo Master Partner

Georgie Carter
Klaviyo Master Partner

Adam Kitchen
Magnet Monster
Klaviyo Master Partne

Watch the webinar replay

Klaviyo strategies to double your customer retention

Three Klaviyo Master Partners show you how to grow your repeat purchases and customer loyalty with email and SMS.

Watch the webinar replay

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