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Marketing secrets from the most successful Shopify stores

Professor Mark Ritson uncovers the growth strategies that fast-growing brands use to maximise their sales on Shopify.

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Positioning secrets

Learn how different groups of customers evaluate your product and weigh up the alternatives. Hint: everything you believe about your product is probably wrong.

Data secrets

You’re sitting on a goldmine of data, but how can you use this to improve your marketing? Receive practical advice to get under the skin of your customers.

Targeting secrets

Build a two-speed model to capture the attention of potential customers. Learn how successful Shopify stores mix brand marketing with direct response ads.

About the speaker

With a PhD in Marketing, 25 years as a Marketing Professor and over 10 years under his belt as a Marketing Week columnist, Mark Ritson is one of the leading voices in the marketing world. 

He’s worked as a global brand consultant for Subaru, Johnson & Johnson, WD40 and Sephora to name a few, and now runs the extremely popular ‘Mini MBA’ with Marketing Week. 

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