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How to convert more visitors into first-time buyers on Shopify

What if you could grow your sales +20% by changing just one page on your site? CRO expert Rishi Rawat shows you how.

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Your product story

The product page is where the buy/no-buy decision happens. This is where 90% of sales are lost. Learn how to convert them with a compelling product story.

Copywriting hacks

Shoppers behave in curious ways. They're impulsive. Learn copywriting techniques to capture their attention and switch them into "buying mode".

Practical examples

Rishi tears-down a collection of Shopify product pages - the good, the bad, and the ugly. You'll learn the anatomy of a high-converting page. 

About the speaker

For the last 13 years, Rishi Rawat has been studying and experimenting with conversion optimization (CRO) to understand the minds of shoppers. 

Frictionless Commerce (Rishi’s company) specializes in helping Shopify sites improve product page conversions by 20% in 90 days. They A/B test to prove their ideas make you more money. 

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