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Pricing guide

"Average Orders per Month" is calculated for you by Audiens and is displayed when you install the app.

We look at the previous 12 months of data from your Shopify store to calculate the monthly average. 

The pricing guide on this page is for illustrative purposes only. For exact pricing, install the app. 

Pay monthly

Pay yearly

Average orders per month*

Up to 500 orders



Up to 1k orders





Up to 2k orders



Up to 3k orders

Up to 4k orders





Up to 5k orders

Up to 7.5k orders



Up to 10k orders



More than 10k orders

Pay monthly or yearly

✓ No auto-subscribe after your trial

✓ Billed via Shopify

You'll pay based on the average number of orders your Shopify store gets each month

Try it free for 14 days on ShopifyTry it free for 14 days on Shopify

Unsure how many orders you get each month?

Install the Audiens app (as part of your free trial) to see the exact pricing you'd pay.

We calculate monthly average orders based your store's previous 12 months of data.

You'll get accurate pricing options – so you can make an informed decision.