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How can we sell more to… ?
Who are my most valuable customers… ?
Why do so many visitors not buy… ?
Can we increase the number of… ?

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Made for marketing challenges by analysing marketing challenges

Audiens recipes drive business success. Quickly understand which customer audiences to focus on, the best experiences, nudges, and campaigns to deliver, and the marketing, comms, and advertising channels to use.

Get Audiens Data Scientists to perform their magic on your customer data to deliver unique insights and actions to:

  • Increase LifeTime Value
  • Decrease Cost Per Acquisition
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Increase average order size
  • Increase customer buying frequency
  • …and many more
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Recipe success:
Reducing repeat returners and returning £1.2m

From processing to restocking costs, serial returners were a £1m problem for this well-known fashion retailer. So how did we increase the retailer’s profits while improving the customer experience to drive customer loyalty?

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