Will I be charged if I install the app?
You won’t be charged automatically. If you’d like to continue using Audiens after your free trial period, you can subscribe to a paid plan. There's no auto-subscription to a paid plan.

Will the app slow down my website?
No, it won't. The app doesn’t make any template changes or add new cookies. Our app has been speed tested by Shopify, who found "no impact" on speed.

Do insights take into account my store's currency?
Yes. The predicted revenue figures in Audiens are displayed using your Shopify store's currency settings.

Is my customer data safe?
Yes it is. We do not share your data with any third parties; we focus strictly on analyzing it to create valuable insights for you. We're a fully compliant Shopify partner; our Privacy Policy has been checked and verified by Shopify and is reviewed annually to ensure ongoing compliance. Our app stores your data on AWS Secure Servers, which are backed up regularly, so any outage is protected against loss. You can uninstall at any time, and we will permanently delete any data we hold. 

Is the app GDPR-compliant?
Yes. We're GDPR, GDPR-UK, PIPEDA and CCPA compliant and strictly follow the ICOs guidance on data protection and GDPR. All staff undertake and complete annual GDPR, GDPR-UK, and CCPA training.

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How a free trial could double your revenue from Klaviyo

Busy marketers use Audiens to send hyper-targeted emails each week.


Hit “build” and a campaign is generated in your Klaviyo account, based on your existing email templates. 

Simply add your product images, drop in a few lines of copy, and hit send. The whole process should take about 15 mins.



A high-value segment, ready to be synced with Klaviyo

Top cross-sells for each segment

The best time and day to send your email


Send 2-3 targeted emails per week (should take less than 1 hour), in addition to your weekly newsletter email. 

Our goal is that you're able to double your email revenue.

Install the Audiens Shopify app

2 minutes Shopify app install

Ready to try it?

Install the Audiens Shopify app

2 minutes Shopify app install

Get started today

Install the Audiens app, connect Klaviyo, and we'll start crunching your data. 

Try Audiens free for 14 days

No credit card required
No pushy sales calls 
No auto-renewal after your trial

Just finished my 14-day free trial. $4,000 extra revenue from Klaviyo! Customer service is top-notch.



Get new ideas for high-converting email campaigns, based on your data. 

They include things like:






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