Audiens Experian Italy

The partnership will combine Experian’s data and powerful modeling system, which is capable of analysing vast amounts of information sources into useful insight, with Audiens technology platform.

Experian, the world leader in information services for marketing and for the prevention of credit and fraud risks, has partnered with Audiens, a leading technology company in data management services, with the aim of enhancing Audiens’ database with insight on the Italian population.

This means that Experian’s insight will now be available on the main Demand Side Platforms, such as AppNexus, DBM, The Trade Desk, Adform, Adobe, etc. It will help companies further refine and improve their media plan targeting and deliver more cost-effective data-driven campaigns.

“We are pleased to start a partnership with an important and international brand like Experian. Data quality is a strategic driver for campaign effectiveness, so we are happy to strengthen our offer with their data,” said Marko Maras, CEO of Audiens.

“We have found a reliable platform in Audiens that opens up new channels for distributing our data and improving our offerings to all brands and their media centers,” said Giuseppe Scarpati, digital account director, Italy, Experian.