Audiens is delighted to announce that Dave Wilby has been appointed as CEO, bringing a wealth of related experience.

Most recently Dave’s worked as Chief Product Officer at ManyChat, along with experience in leading operations, technical teams and running start-ups.

The market opportunity, the team and the backing of the committed shareholders creates a compelling opportunity for Dave and we look forward to the next chapter for Audiens.

I’m thrilled to be joining the team. It’s a fantastic opportunity and together we are determined to help every Shopify store owner maximise their growth. I’m extremely proud to be taking the helm.”

Dave Wilby, CEO

Dave takes over from Jonathan Brech who was in the post for two years. Under Jonathan’s leadership, Audiens has established a collaborative culture and client-focussed mentality, laying a solid foundation for growth.

Audiens is now ready to build on its recent progress. Supported by shareholders NHN and Bango, it’s set for significant growth.

Dave brings an exceptional array of expertise in growing companies with huge potential. At Bango, we’re incredibly excited to see Dave take Audiens to the next level in 2022 and beyond.’

Ray Anderson, Executive Chair at Bango